Dining near South Rim Grand Canyon

Bright Angel Restaurant
Bright Angel is located inside the Park at the Bright Angel Lodge. The restaurant serves American cuisine between the hours of 6:30 pm and 10:00 pm. With a casual Southwestern theme, Bright Angel is one of the leas expensive restaurants near South Rim. The meals are very simple and there are entrees on the menu that are sure to satisfy any child or adult's taste buds. From burgers to macaroni and cheese, you are sure to fill up after a long day of exploring.

Canyon Star Restaurant and Saloon
The Canyon Star Restaurant and Saloon serves both American and Mexican cuisine and is located in the Grand Hotel in Tusayan. The restaurant is open for breakfast hours during the spring and fall and open for lunch and dinner during the winter. Like most restaurants around the Grand Canyon, the Canyon Star is Southwestern-themed. If you want live entertainment while you eat, you will get it here. Cowboy music and Native American performances are held every night.

El Tovar Dining Room
Located inside the park near the South Rim, El Tovar Dining Room is located inside of the El Tovar Hotel and is open daily in the morning, afternoon, and the evening. This establishment serves Continental and Southwestern cuisine that has been rated the best in the area. If you want salmon, New York Steak, or even roulades, you will find these dishes here. You can also stop by the bar, have a drink, and wait for a table with beautiful views of the canyon.

The Arizona Room
The Arizona Room is another restaurant located inside the park at the Bright Angel Lodge. This is a Southwestern-themes restaurant serving nothing but Southwestern cuisine. The affordable establishment serves dishes that are priced between $7 and $23. You can order everything from baby back ribs with a chipotle glaze or chicken served with melon salsa. To top it all off, The Arizon Room has some of the best panoramic views of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

The Coronado Room
If you are looking for dinner near Tusayan, the Coronado Room is located inside of the Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn and open daily between the hours of 5 pm and 10 pm. This establishment serves high country entrees that you will not find elsewhere. If you want to try something new, you can order rattlesnake fritters or elk. There are also the basic entree items for those of you who prefer steak and burgers.